High Precision Tweezers

Providing the highest quality Swiss tweezers, as well as Italian Tweezers and Industrial Grade Tweezers. (All available with ESD Safe Cushion Grips.)   TDI also offers the largest selection of ESD Safe static dissipative tweezers for critical ESD low voltage applications. Typical applications include electronics assembly and laboratories.

Most Popular Fine Tip Tweezer Styles (Compare 00, 2A, 3, 3C, 5, 5A, 5B & 7 Style Tweezers)

High Preicsion Metal Swiss Tweezers
Precision Tip Metal
Swiss, Italian & Industrial
ESD Safe Tweezers - Static Dissipative
Static Dissipative Tip
Class 0 CDM <50V ESD
ESD Safe Fiber Tip Tweezers - Replaceable Tips
Fiber Tip
Swiss & Italian
ESD Ceramic Tip Tweezers - Replaceable Tips
Ceramic Tip

Ergonomic Cushion Grip Tweezers
Cushion Grip
Swiss, Italian & Industrial
Wafer Tweezers
Wafer Handling
Swiss & Italian

Cutting Tweezers for Soft Wire in Electronics Assembly
Cutting Tweezers
Swiss & Italian

Molded Delrin Tweezers & Plastic Molded CarboFib Tweezers
Plastic Molded


Application Specific

Disk Drive Assembly Tweezers - Static Dissipative
Disk Drive Assembly

Staked Fiber Tip Tweezers
Staked Fiber Tip

Miniature SA Tweezers
Mini Precision Tip


Precision Tweezer Sets
Tweezer Sets/Kits

Teflon Coatings for Metal Tweezers - Prevents ScratchingTeflon Coatings TDI Smart Tweezers - LCR Meter

Smart Tweezers LCR Meter 

Common Applications for TDI Tweezers Include:

  • Electronics, Medical Device, Laser, Microwave Assembly
  • Circuit Die and Electronic Package Assembly
  • Circuit Board Repair and Rework
  • Handling of Small Components, Wafers, Substrates & Wires
  • Work under a Microscope / Microelectronics
  • Holding Parts for Soldering
  • Biotech, Biology, Military and Aerospace Electronics Assembly
  • Scientific Tweezers for Research and Development / Labs
  • Surface Mount Rework and Assembly

More Tweezers Info:

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