Cutters, Pliers & Shears

Cutters, Pliers & Shears

Fine wire cutters, precision pliers, micro shears and other cutting tools.  For electronics/medical device assembly and lab applications.  Cutters, pliers & shears have ESD safe grips which provide an ergonomic non-slip grip.

  • Large selection of high precision wire cutters for soft copper wire & component lead cutting.  Choose from Semi-Flush, Flush or Full Flush cutting edges.
  • High precision and industrial pliers for lead-forming, wire bending, and straightening. 
  • Micro-Shears with a patented by-pass shear cutting action which slices cleanly through a metal wire.
  • Specialty kevlar fiber shears for fiber optic cables.
  • Stainless scissors with bent, straight or angled cutting blades.
  • Stainless micro scissors with ergonomic spring action handle design.
  • Lightweight micro tweezer cutters for soft wire up to .25mm.