#TDI ASHK#1 #1 Scalpel Handle & Blade Kit


High Precision Non Surgical Scalpels – Handles & Blades#3 scalpel handle, #1 scalpel handle with cushion grip

High Precision Non Surgical Scalpels are engineered t meet the requirements for labs, electronics and medical device assembly applications.  Ideal for circuit board repair and rework.  Available in kits or scalpel handles and blades sold separately.

#1 Scalpel Handle is available with an ergonomic static dissipative cushion grip.  This grips provide reduced finger stress and superior operator comfort when working continuously with small parts and is static dissipative ESD safe.

Standard Features:

  • Non-Surgical Scalpel Handles and Blades
  • Labs, Electronics & Medical Device Assembly Applications
  • 5 Interchangeable Blade Styles
  • ESD Safe Ergonomic Static Dissipative Cushion Grips
  • Surface Resistivity 109 to 1011 Ohms/sq.
  • Order as a Kit or Separately

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