#TDI LCR1R1 Smart Tweezers LCR Meter

Smart Tweezers

Smart Tweezers and SMD LED TestersSmart Tweezers with Board

TDI LCR1R1 high precision smart tweezers is an LCR Meter and component identifier.  Portable and ergonomic design offers convenient operation which can easily be set for left or right handed use.  Measure inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) and automatically identify surface mount components.  Complete with rechargeable built-in Li-Ion battery, universal power supply, micro USB charging cord and hard carrying case.  Precise, gold plated test leads.

TDI LCR6EC precision economy smart tweezers is an LCR/ESR meter.  Perfect solution for testing, identifying components and troubleshooting electronic circuits. Bright and easy to read OLED display with automatic or manual test frequency selection.  Complete with rechargeable battery, micro USB connector for battery charger and protective holster.

TDI SMDLED high precision smart tweezers is a specialized solution for testing and verification of SMD and throughhole LEDs.  The device design combines a pair of high quality gold-plated tweezers and a digital adaptive LED tester in a compact, lightweight, battery powered instrument.  Convenient one hand operation.

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