#TDI 10G-SA High Precision Swiss Tweezers with Fine Serrated Tips and Serrated Grips

General Purpose Tweezers

High Precision General Purpose Tweezers

General purpose tweezers are designed with different lengths, thicknesses and angles for handling parts and components.  Ideal for circuit board repair/rework and microscope/microelectronics applications.

Anti-magnetic stainless steel general purpose tweezers offer precision tip symmetry and balance with good corrosion resistance to most chemicals and acids.  Tip edges are polished to provide a smooth, anti-glare finish and selected styles feature serrated tips and/or grips.

Standard Features:general-purpose-app-shot

  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic – “SA”
  • Low carbon austenitic steel
  • Precision fine tip symmetry and balance
  • Polished tip edges, and non-scratch, anti-glare finish.
  • Different lengths, thicknesses, and angles for a variety of applications.
  • Selected styles feature serrated tips and/or grips.
  • Good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts, and acids.
  • Lead-Free

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