#TDI 532DL Small Taper Relief Cutters, Full Flush with Long Handles


Cutting Edges: Full Flush
Soft Wire Cutting Capacity: 38-19 AWG | .004-.035″ | 0.1 – 0.9 MM

Material: High-Grade Alloy Steel
Rockwell C Hardness: 63-65
Surface Resistivity: 109-1011 Ohms/sq.

Long Handle Length: 4” (101mm)

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Standard Features Include:

  • Manufactured with high-grade alloy tool steel.
  • Special induction hardened edges for a hardness of 63-65 on the Rockwell C Scale.
  • Highest levels of strength and precision cutting.
  • High precision joint design with bolt guarantees highest quality.
  • Stainless steel dual leaf springs held to tool handle by a unique double-sheathed grip.
  • Non-scratch, anti-glare satin finish on the tool’s cutting head.
  • Cushion Grips are ergonomic and ESD safe, with a surface resistivity of 109-1011 Ohms/sq.

Equivalent to These Part Numbers:

  • 9148E
  • 7148E
  • 233IE7223
  • 352PL7148
  • 844PL148
  • 7223
  • RX8148
  • 597-442
  • S148ELI


Wire Cutters Cutting Edge Types

Small Taper Relief Cutters – More Information:

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