#TDI 831DL Large Oval Cutters, Full Flush with Long Handles

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Cutting Edges: Full Flush
Soft Wire Cutting Capacity: 38-16 AWG | .004″-.051″ | 0.1 – 1.3 MM

Material: High-Grade Alloy Steel
Rockwell C Hardness: 63-65
Surface Resistivity: 109-1011 Ohms/sq.

Long Handle Length: 4” (101mm)

Short Handle Version: 3″ (76 mm) – #TDI 831DS

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High precision large oval cutters are the perfect tool for soft wire cutting in electronics assembly.  Additionally, these cutting tools are ideal for component lead cutting.  Typical applications for these wire cutters include electronics and medical device assembly, labs and general use with printed circuit board repair and rework.

The most popular tool is the Oval Head Wire Cutter. The top of these cutters are only slightly pointed or relieved to preserve its characteristic durability. The more metal on the cutting end, the longer the life of the tool. Oval head cutters, with a lot of metal in the head, are best able to handle the repeated shock of the cutting load. We also combine an oval shape with full relief in the Oval Relief Head Wire Cutter.

Large Oval Cutters Standard Features Include:

  • Manufactured with high-grade alloy tool steel.
  • Special induction hardened edges for a hardness of 63-65 on the Rockwell C Scale.
  • Highest levels of strength and precision cutting.
  • High precision joint design with bolt guarantees highest quality.
  • Stainless steel dual leaf springs held to tool handle by a unique double-sheathed grip.
  • Non-scratch, anti-glare satin finish on the tool’s cutting head.
  • Cushion Grips are ergonomic and ESD safe, with a surface resistivity of 109-1011 Ohms/sq.

Equivalent to These Part Numbers:

  • 233IE7513
  • 7513


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