#TDI 2ACFR-SA High Precision Swiss Conductive “CF” Tweezers


2A CarboFib Tweezers – Wide Flat Duckbill Tips
Conductive carbofib tips, stainless anti-magnetic handles.

Overall Length (A): 5″
Tip Width (B): .070″
Tip Thickness (C): .024″
Replaceable Tip Length (L):  1.02″

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2a style replacement tips for swiss tweezers

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Standard Features:

  • Conductive “CF” CarboFib
  • Surface Resistivity 102 Ohms/sq.
  • Self Aligning Replacement Precision Tips
  • Temperature Resistant 130°C (Continuous Use) -190°C (Short Time)
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic Handles – “SA”
  • High Precision Tip Symmetry and Balance
  • Reverse Action Handles Available upon Request
  • Lead free

More Information:

Equivalent to These Part Numbers:

  • 159D-RT
  • 758TW0304
  • 342-100
  • 18768
  • 99275

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