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    Electronics Assembly & Clean Room Equipment

    Clean room equipment including lab chairs, stools, desiccators cabinets with nitro save, isolation gloveboxes and exhaust hoods for soldering stations.
  • Precision Hand Tools

    Precision Hand Tools (134)

    Precision Hand Tools for Electronics Assemblyvaried electronics assembly handtools

    Precision hand tools including tweezers, wire cutters, vacuum pick-up pens, vacuum pump systems, diamond scribes, and  micro mini tools. TDI high precision hand tools are engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework. Made of the highest quality materials and tool tips are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work.

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    Common Tweezers & Hand Tools Assembly Applications Include:
    • Printed Circuit Board
    • Laser Device
    • Microwave Device
    • Medical Device
    • Circuit Die & Electronic Package
    • Semiconductor
    • Circuit Board Repair & Rework
  • PEEK Probes

    PEEK Probes (3)

    TDI High Precision Conductive "CP" PEEK ProbesPEEK probes

    Standard Features:
    • Conductive "CP" PEEK with Carbon Fiber
    • Conductive - Surface Resistivity 103-105 Ohms/sq.
    • High Heat Capability - 260°C (Continuous Use) - 300°C (Short Time)
    • Acetone / IPA resistant
    • Lead free
    More Information: diamonds-grades copy