“CF” Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet: Engineering Plastic Type “CF”

General Notes:
  • PA66/CF30 Polyamide 66 reinforced with 30 wt% carbon fiber heat stabilized
  • Very high rigidity, excellent tensile and flexural strength, fatigue and creep resistance.
  • Low friction, self lubricating properties, excellent wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Good heat capability.
  • Good chemical resistance (oils, grease, fuels, non polar solvents): not resistant to strong acids, alkalis and hot water or steam. For higher heat resistance and chemical compatibility see our “CP” PEEK Tweezers Line.
  • ESD Safe Material, very low surface resistivity.
  • Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
  • Typical applications include handling and positioning of electronic components and devices, where an optimal balance between stiffness and surface smoothness is required.
Mechanical Properties
Flexural Modulus +23°C 1700 MPa ASTM D 790
 Flexural Modulus +60°C 12000 MPa ASTM D 790
Flexural Modulus +90°C 9800 MPa ASTM D 790
Flexural Modulus +120°C 8000 MPa ASTM D 790
Tensile Strength +23°C 210 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strength +60°C 159 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strength +90°C 134 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Strength +120°C 117 MPa ISO 527
Rockwell Hardness M >100 ASTM D 785
Izod-Impact Strength (Notched) +23°C 70 J/m ASTM D 256
Charpy-Impact Strength (Unnotched) +23°C 30 kJ/m2 DIN 5453


Thermal Properties
Temp. of defl. under load (1.80 MPa) 256°C ASTM D646
Temp. of defl. under load (0.45 MPa) 260°C ASTM D648
Vicat Softening Temperature (50°C/h 50N) 254°C ISO 306
Coef. of lin. therm. expansion, normal 2,80 E-5/°C ASTM D 696
Continuous Use Temperature 130°C 20’000h
Short Time Temperature 190°C


Electrical Properties
Surface Resistivity 102 Ohm
Comparative Tracking Index <100 Volts IEC 112
Electric Strength (2mm) 2.0kV/mm IEC 243-1


Other Properties
Density 1.28 g/ccm ISO 1183
Water Absorption in Water 20°C (24h) 0.60% ISO 62