#TDI 0C9CM-SA High Precision Swiss Tweezers, Short with Flat Edges, Fine Tips

Micro Mini Tools

Micro Mini Tools for Electronics Assembly

Our high precision micro mini tool line includes tweezers, micro spatulas, scissors and more for work with very small parts in electronics assembly and lab applications.

High precision diamond scribes for scribing or marking in electronics assembly.   Styles in include micro mini and super hard surface scribers.  All of our diamond scribes include a natural tip with a 60° angle, bent or straight tips and handles that prevent the tools from rolling off the workstation.

Micro rulers for measuring small parts under a microscope or magnifier.

Our micro mini spatulas are ideal for dispensing adhesives or applying lubricants to small moving parts.

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  • Diamond Scribes

    Diamond Scribes (7)

    High Precision Diamond Scribes

    super hard surface diamond scriber

    TDI's diamond scribes are specially designed for optimum scribing or marking in micro electronic applications. These applications include thin film circuits, micro circuits, small circuit boards, integrated circuit boards and also to clean or trim circuits. All of our diamond scribes feature a natural diamond tip with a 60° angle, as well as a magnetic steel diamond base.  The manufacturing process permanently mounts the tips of these tools to the handles.  Handles made from anodized aluminum provide the highest quality.  Since they have a hexagonal shape, the tool will not roll off of your workstation.  All styles are available with straight or bent tips. "PVH” line includes a gold anodized, lightweight aluminum pin vise handle with a knurled grip for easy non-slip handling. This pin vise tool features an anodized steel holding collet, adapter and draw bar for interchanging diamond tips.  We offer a straight and bent version tip for this tool handle. We designed the “HSDS” line  for scribing or marking super hard surfaces including silicon and alumina ceramics in electronics assembly and rework. These scribes offer a .060″ diameter diamond permanently mounted on a .300″ stainless steel shank and available with bent or straight tips. Handles are non-rolling hexagon shaped. “MMD” micro mini line of tools have permanently mounted tips with a .020″ diameter straight or bent tip.  The non-rolling, lightweight gold anodized handle will not roll off of your workstation. Also see our Micro Mini Tool Kit including a precision prober, scraper and scriber.
  • Micro Rulers

    Micro Rulers (2)

    High Precision Micro Rulers

    Photo Etched scale. Very accurate for general, under microscope measuring. Not Engraved nor Certifiable or NIST Calibrated.
    • These unique micro rulers may be used directly under a microscope or magnifier.
    • Speedy measuring of small parts, grooves, slots, line widths, holes, chamfers, etc.
    • High precision fabricated from stainless steel.
    • Micro rulers are spot-welded to bendable shank (plated metal - magnetic)
    • Micro ruler blades are non-magnetic stainless steel.
    • Hexagonal shaped handles prevent these micro rulers from rolling off your workstation.
    • Handles are non-magnetic, gold anodized aluminum.
    • Each micro ruler is individually packaged in a plastic box.
    • Overall length: 83mm (3.25")
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  • Micro Mini Tweezers

    Micro Mini Tweezers (2)

    High Precision Micro Mini "SA" Stainless Anti-Magnetic Tweezers

    • Mini Versions of High Precision Tweezers
    • Stainless Anti-Magnetic "SA" . Low Carbon Austenitic Steel
    • Good Corrosion Resistance to Most Chemicals & Acids
    • Lead free
    • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry and Balance
    • Polished Tip Edges Non-Scratch Anti-Glare Finish
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  • Interchangeable Tip Micro Tools

    Interchangeable Tip Micro Tools (3)

    Micro Mini Tool Handle with Interchangeable Tips

    • Light weight gold anodized aluminum tool handle
    • Non-rolling, non-magnetic
    • Handle length 4.75"
    • Overall length 6" (fully assembled)
    • All interchangeable tips are .020" (0.50mm) diameter.
    • All tips are hardened tool steel unless otherwise specified.
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  • Micro Mini Spatulas / Oilers

    Micro Mini Spatulas / Oilers (3)

    High Precision Micro Mini Spatulas / Oilers

    Standard Features:
    • Stainless Tips
    • Spatula Applicators
    • Overall Length 2.36"
    • Color Coded Plastic ESD Safe Non-Rolling Handles
    Typical Applications:
    • Dispensing Adhesives in Electronics Assembly
    • Applying Lubricants to Small Moving Parts