Laboratory Glove Box Options

Laboratory Glove Box Options:

#NS16 Nitro-Save® Humidity Control Monitor
Solid State Sensor System for Accurately Controlling Pre-Set Relative Humidity

  • Accuracy: ±2% at 3-80%RH
  • Silent Operation
  • High Reliability - No Electromechanical Switches
  • Solenoid Control Valve & Internal Sensor System
  • Sensor System Activates Solenoid as N2 Flow Required
  • Continuous In Line Nitrogen or Clean Dry Air Required.
  • Must Operate at 80 PSI (min) to 100 PSI (max) for Optimum Performance
  • Reduces Nitrogen Consumption to 90% (20%RH) in Many Applications

Nitrile Gloves for Clear & Static Dissipative Acrylic Laboratory Glove Boxes

Standard Features:

  • Flexible, outstanding tensile & compression stress qualities.
  • Not prone to allergic reactions.
  • Dissipates electrostatic charge.
  • Resists punctures and offers excellent abrasion protection.

Lab Glove Box Nitrile Gloves

Neoprene Gloves for Clear Acrylic Laboratory Glove Boxes

Standard Features:

  • Provides a high level or protection from oxidizing agents, alcohols, oils, fuels,
    alkalines, benzene, ethanol, hexane, isopropanol, and various acids.
  • Strong resistance to physical failures such as cuts, runs, etc.
  • Registered ISO 9000

Lab Glove Box Neoprene Gloves

Pass-Through Chamber

Standard Features

  • Provides access and material/component in-process storage.
  • Constructed with 1/4 acrylic or ESD safe static dissipative acrylic material that will not out-gas plasticizers, which can contaminate sensitive parts.
  • Features outside and inside doors with spring loaded latches and continuous stainless steel hinges for maximum door support. 
  • Closed cell neoprene recessed gasket for air-tight door sealing.
  • Overall Dimensions: 12"W x 12"D x 12"H
  • May be purged with nitrogen(N2) or clean dry air(CDA) by adding a flowmeter, connecting to main glovebox chamber.

lab glovebox



Flowmeters are durable acrylic that will give
the long-lasting and trouble-free operation, with
just a few precautions.

The flowmeter is to be used to measure airflow.

Purge Valve

Continuous Bleeder Valve

Continuously relieves excess nitrogen.

Digital Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer

TDI's Digital Hygrometer is a precision electronic
instrument that measures relative humidity and temperature
in desiccator storage cabinets and isolation glove boxes.
(Not required with #HM40)

Stainless Steel Plates


Stainless steel plates are mounted to the
compartment floor in acrylic & static dissipative
gloveboxes. Plates are necessary for grounding
and are recommended in all static dissipative
acrylic desiccator cabinets to protect from surface abrasion.

Painted Steel Stand


Stands are painted steel (Class 100)
with levelers or lockable casters.