80 Series ERGO-FIT Chairs

80 Series ERGO-FIT® Class 10 Cleanroom Chairs80 series class 10 cleanroom chair

80 Series ERGO-FIT® class 10 cleanroom chairs are specifically designed to meet the highest quality standards not only for for ergonomic comfort and durability, but also for class 10 cleanroom/ESD technical requirements in these industry applications.

Special features on this series of cleanroom chairs include heavy-duty urethane bladders to seal in back and seat foam, an air exchange system to prevent foam outgassing,  as well as a plastic control cover and a specially filtered cylinder.

While it was possible to simply use a hard material for the seat and back to adhere to cleanroom standards, we instead developed a foam containment system that allows you to sit comfortably. We were also able to keep the adjustability of seat height, back height, and back angle, which provides significant ergonomic adjustability for a Class 10 Cleanroom/ESD chair.

Standard Features:

  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs.
  • Urethane bladders seal in both the back and seat foam create an air exchange system that prevents outgassing.
  • 18″W x 16″H Air Exchange Back
  • 19″W x 18″D Air Exchange Seat
  • Chair Swivels 360°
  • Ergonomic Adjustments / Back Tilt Control:
    • Adjust the back height by first loosening the right knob.  Adjust as need and then re-tighten.
    • The seat height is adjusted with the right front lever.  This controls the pneumatic lift.
    • Back angle is controlled by the right rear lever, enabling the back angle to adjust and be locked in any position.
  • Fire Retardant, Heavy Static Dissipative Vinyl Upholstery
  • Fully wrapped upholstery backs and bottoms form a complete seal in order to  inhibit particle generation in cleanroom chairs.
  • Plastic control cover and cylinder cover with filter
  • 5 Legged 28″ Diameter Polished Aluminum Base. Largest Wheelbase in the Industry for Maximum Safety & Stability!
  • Footring Standard on Taller Model Chairs Only Flat Footring Prevents Slipping.  20″ Diameter & Adjustable Height.
  • 5 Year Structural and Mechanical Warranty

Standard Options available for 80 Series  ERGO-FIT chairs:

  • 4 Adjustable Height Options
  • Choice of Static Dissipative Vinyl Upholstery Colors
  • Dual Wheel Casters (with or without Safety Brakes)

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    Footring standard on taller models only.

  • Vinyl Upholstery may ONLY be Cleaned with a Solution of 10% IPA / 90% Water

  • Safety brakes prevent the chair from rolling away from you when you sit down or stand up.
    Free-rolling when seated.

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