#TDI-9100DS-LR Short Handle Oval Micro Shears w/Lead Retainer

Micro Shears

ESD Safe Micro-Shears

Micro-Shear cutters are designed for wire and lead cutting in electronic applications including oval, taper heavy duty models all with ESD safe cushion grips.  These shears are available with a lead retainer feature on select styles with a short or long handle option.

These micro-shear cutters utilize a patented blade by-pass shear cutting action which slices cleanly through metal wire.  Shear cutting greatly reduces shock delivered to components and requires minimal effort, increasing operator comfort.

By-pass shear cutting design eliminates edge-to-edge contact extending the life of the tool.  Shear cut design dissipates very little of the cutting force into the component or solder joint.  Ideal for wire and lead cutting in electronics assembly applications.

Standard Features:

  • Soft Wire and Component Lead Cutting
  • High-Grade Alloy Steel
  • Cutting Edges – 56-58RC
  • Available in Oval or Taper Head Shapes
  • Factory Installed Lead Retainer on Select Models
  • Short or Long Handles
  • Ergonomic Static Dissipative Grips 108-1010 Ohms/sq.

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