Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes – Isolators for Labs, Mail Rooms & Clean Rooms

Our isolation glove boxes are available in 1/4″ thick clear, or static dissipative acrylic.  Constructed to meet the requirements for clean rooms, labs, and mail inspection.  Our glove boxes are an ideal solution whether you are working with electronics components or need isolation for mail inspection. For use in ambient temperature applications only.

NOT designed for use with hazardous or explosive materials.  Not FDA certified.  Not for drawing a vacuum.  Will not monitor Oxygen nor Temperature.

ESD Safe glove boxes provide complete electrostatic discharge protection for ESD sensitive environments.  Constructed with 1/4″ static dissipative acrylic material, and include stainless steel floor plates because for enhanced grounding.  Plates also protect the acrylic surface from abrasion.

Clear Acrylic Data Sheet   |   Static Dissipative Data SheetGlove Box in a lab

Standard Laboratory Glove Boxes Feature:

  • Constructed of 1/4″ acrylic material.  A clean, inert material which will not out-gas plasticizers that can contaminate sensitive components.
  • 8″ diameter glove ports.
  • Back – Removable back wall for easy access and maintenance.  Useful for placing & removing larger objects.
  • Left Side – 10″ x 10″ Access Door
  • Right Side – Removable panel gives you the option to add a pass-through chamber at any time.
  • Continuous stainless steel door hinges, providing maximum support.
  • Recessed, closed-cell neoprene door gaskets and spring loaded latches form an air-tight door seal.
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction.
  • 1 year structural and mechanical warranty

ESD Features for SD Acrylic Glove Boxes:Green Nitrile Gloves for Static Dissipative or Clear Glove Box

  • 1/4″ ESD safe static dissipative acrylic (non-out-gassing)
  • Prevents buildup of static charge and accumulation of harmful contaminants.
  • Electrostatic decay in less than 0.05 seconds per Federal Test Standard 101C, Method 4046.1
  • Surface resistivity 106-108 Ohms / sq.
  • Stainless steel plates provide full conductive grounding.  These plates protect acrylic from surface abrasion.
  • Grounding wire connects from hinge to hard ground.  All plates, latches, and hinges connect to this common ground.

Laboratory Glove Box Standard Options:Black Neoprene Gloves for Clear Acrylic Glove Box

  • Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves
  • Pass-Through Chamber
  • Option to Purge your Glove Box & Pass-Through with Nitrogen
  • Flowmeter & Continuous Bleeder Valve
  • #HM40 Nitro-Save® Humidity Control Monitor or Digital Hygrometer
  • Power Cord Exit Port
  • Larger glove box models come with your choice of steel stands.
  • Stands have the options of lockable brakes or leg levelers.

Glove Box Models:

Small Table Top Glove Box
26″W x 20″D x 18″H
Medium Glove Box w/Stand Option
36″W x 24″D x 25″H
Large 4 Port Glove Box w/Stand Option
60″W x 24″D x 25″H
2 Port Table Top Laboratory Glove Box 2 Port Glove Boxes with Stand 4 Port Glove Box with Stand

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TDI Gloveboxes are NOT designed for Vacuum Draw, Oxygen Sensing, nor Temperature Monitoring applications.