#TDI 2AX-SA High Precision Swiss Tweezers, Reverse Action “2A” Style

Reverse Action Tweezers

High Precision Ergonomic Reverse Action Tweezersreverse action tweezers

Reverse action tweezers are self-closing, providing uniform tension in handling fragile parts.  This design provides operator comfort when working with small parts and components for extended periods of time.  Squeeze to open the tweezer tips and release to pickup parts.

These reverse action tweezers are made of the highest quality stainless anti-magnetic materials and have tips that are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work.  Tip edges are polished to provide a non-scratch anti-glare finish.

Standard Features:

  • Self-Closing Reverse Action Squeeze to Open Tweezer Tips
  • Uniform Tension in Handling Fragile Parts
  • Ergonomic Design for Operator Comfort
  • Available in Stainless Anti-Magnetic and Fiber Tip Tweezers
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic “SA” Handles, Low Carbon Austenitic Steel
  • Polished Tip Edges, Non-Scratching, Anti-Glare Finish
  • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry & Balance
  • Lead-free

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