#TDI 06VCP ESD Safe VacuPik® Pen with 6 Probes/Cups Kit

Precision Hand Tools

Precision Hand Tools for Electronics Assemblyvaried electronics assembly handtools

Precision hand tools including tweezers, wire cutters, vacuum pick-up pens, vacuum pump systems, diamond scribes, and  micro mini tools.

TDI high precision hand tools are engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework.

Made of the highest quality materials and tool tips are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work.

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Common Tweezers & Hand Tools Assembly Applications Include:

  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Laser Device
  • Microwave Device
  • Medical Device
  • Circuit Die & Electronic Package
  • Semiconductor
  • Circuit Board Repair & Rework
  • Tweezers

    Tweezers (89)

    High Precision Tweezers for Electronics Assembly, Laboratories & Clean Roomstweezers with circuit board

    TDI offers a large selection of electronics assembly tweezers.  Tweezer styles come in highest precision Swiss, precision, and industrial grades.  These include fine tips, ESD safe tips, ceramic tips, wafer handling, cutting tweezers, component handling, and squeeze to open reverse action.  All metal styles, with the exception of reverse action, are also available with Teflon coating upon request. We engineer our high precision line to meet and even exceed, the strict requirements for electronics assembly, labs, cleanroom and circuit board repair.  Made of the highest quality materials including low carbon stainless anti-magnetic, 100% non-magnetic super alloy as well as conductive and static dissipative replacement tips. Our high precision tweezer tips are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work.  We polish the tip edges to provide a non-scratch, as well as anti-glare finish. Introducing the largest selection of ESD safe static dissipative tweezers for critical low voltage applications!  Available in both ceramic and polymer replaceable tip styles.
    TDI Tweezers are compliant with EU’s 3TG Conflict Minerals Regulation.  These tweezers are free of the four minerals that are most often linked to armed-conflicts and human rights abuses: tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold.
    For use in Many Common Industry Applications.  For Example:
    • Electronics, Medical Device, Laser, as well as Microwave Device Assembly
    • Circuit Die and Electronic Package Assembly
    • PCB Rework and Repair
    • Work under a Microscope / Microelectronics
    • Biotech, Biology, Military and Aerospace Electronics Assembly
    • Various Laboratory Applications
  • Vacuum Pickup Tools

    Vacuum Pickup Tools (8)

    TDI VacuPik® Vacuum Pickup Tools for Electronics Assembly

    VacuPik® Vacuum Tools provide a precision ultra quiet vacuum pump and a large selection of ESD safe tips for handling a variety of parts for electronic assembly requirements. Typical applications include circuit die, SMT assembly, substrates and flat components. The power supply is a compact tower design requiring minimum workstation space. All TDI Vacuum Pickup Tools are for use with dry applications only.  For Pick and Place applications only, not for use as a vacuum cleaner. Request a Quote for Volume Quantity Discounts!
  • Cutters

    Cutters (11)

    Wire Cutters for Electronics & Medical Device Assembly

    High precision wire cutters for soft wire and component lead cutting in electronics assembly, medical device assembly, circuit board repair and rework applications. These cutters include oval and tapered head styles.  Available in Semi-Flush, Flush and Full Flush. Wire Cutters Cutting Edge Types
  • Diamond Scribes

    Diamond Scribes (7)

    Diamond Scribes, High Precision Micro/Mini ScribersDiamond Scribes

    TDI's Diamond Scribes are high precision and designed for optimum scribing or marking of thin film circuits, wafer marking, microcircuits, small circuit boards and to clean or trim circuits in microelectronic applications. “PVH” diamond scribes line includes a gold anodized, lightweight aluminum pin vise handle with a knurled grip for easy non-slip handling.  This pin vise features an anodized steel holding collet, adapter and drawbar for interchanging diamond tips. “HSD” diamond scribes are designed for scribing or marking super hard surfaces including silicon and alumina ceramics in electronics assembly and rework.  These scribes offer a .060″ diameter diamond permanently mounted on a .300″ stainless steel shank and available with bent or straight tips.  Handles are non-rolling hexagon shaped. "MMD" micro mini diamond scribes have permanently mounted tips with .020" diameter straight or bent tips.  Non-rolling, lightweight gold anodized handle. diamonds-grades copy Request a Quote for Volume Quantity Discounts!
  • Pliers

    Pliers (5)

    Precision Pliers with ESD Safe Comfort Grips

    Precision pliers for lead forming, wire bending, straightening and holding delicate parts in electronics assembly, medical device assembly, circuit board and rework applications. ESD safe and ergonomic grips. diamonds-grades copy Request a Quote for Volume Quantity Discounts!
  • Micro Mini Tools

    Micro Mini Tools (17)

    Micro Mini Tools for Electronics Assembly

    Our high precision micro mini tool line includes tweezers, micro spatulas, scissors and more for work with very small parts in electronics assembly and lab applications. High precision diamond scribes for scribing or marking in electronics assembly.   Styles in include micro mini and super hard surface scribers.  All of our diamond scribes include a natural tip with a 60° angle, bent or straight tips and handles that prevent the tools from rolling off the workstation. Micro rulers for measuring small parts under a microscope or magnifier. Our micro mini spatulas are ideal for dispensing adhesives or applying lubricants to small moving parts. diamonds-grades copy Request a Quote for Volume Quantity Discounts!
  • Micro Shears

    Micro Shears (6)

    Micro Shears - ESD Safemicro shears group of 3

    These high precision micro shears are an excellent choice for fine wire cutting in electronics assembly applications, as well as circuit board repair and rework.  Our Kevlar® fiber shears are designed and manufactured specifically for cutting the Kevlar® fiber strength component of fiber optic cables.  Uniquely designed serrated edge prevents the fibers from sliding out of the front of the shear while cutting.
    Standard Features Include:
    • Light Weight Tools
    • Glare Eliminating Black Finish
    • Flush Cutting Edges with a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58 HRC
    • Tough Alloyed Steel Construction
    • Our ergonomic Light TouchTM return spring reduces the amount of pressure it takes for each cut.
    • ESD Safe Static Dissipative Black Handles
      • Surface Resistivity 108-1010 Ohms/Sq.
    • Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle Surface Ensures Operator Comfort
    For volume quantity discounts, please feel free to send us an email request for quote at handtools@tdiinternational.com.
  • Tool Kits

    Tool Kits (2)

    Assembly Aid Hand Tool Kits

    Our high precision assembly hand tool kits are designed to meet the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework.