Bonding Wire Storage Desiccator Cabinets


Bonding wire storage desiccator cabinets provide high density storage as well as a clean, dry environment.  Industry bonding wire manufacturers recommend storage of wire with spools stored upright in order to prevent wire sag on the spool.  Therefore, all TDI bonding wire desiccators provide this spool orientation.

Bonding wire storage desiccator cabinets provide the highest quality and most durable construction to meet the requirements for the purpose of cleanroom and assembly component storage.  In addition, these desiccator cabinets feature our unique ultra nitro-flow system. This includes compartment cut outs in walls and floors in order to evenly distribute the nitrogen gas.  Spring loaded door latches provide air-tight door seals while continuous hinges provide maximum door support.  Correspondingly, the plenum chamber option purges nitrogen into compartments at an even rate.  The plenum chamber features a removable back wall for easy maintenance.

Acrylic desiccators utilize 1/4″ acrylic, an inherently inert and clean non out-gassing material.  Additionally, all of our desiccator cabinets include a unique cabinet door design.  This allows for minimum door weight with maximums seal integrity and durability.  This coupled with our spring loaded door latches, provides an air-tight seal.

Bonding Wire Storage Desiccator Cabinet

Bonding Wire Storage Desiccator Standard Features:
  • Acrylic Slide Drawers allow for High Density Storage of 2″ Diameter Bonding Wire Spools
  • Clean, Dry Storage Bonding Wire, for example Aluminum, Gold or Copper Bonding Wire
  • 1/4″ Clear Acrylic Material
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Ultra Nitro-Flow with Notched Compartment Walls and Floors
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel Continuous Door Hinge
  • Spring Loaded Latches Provide Air-Tight Door Seals
  • Removable Back Plenum Wall
  • Recessed Closed Cell Neoprene Gasket Insures Integrity in Placement
  • 1 Year Structural and Mechanical Warranty
  • Continuous In-Line Nitrogen (N2) Required
Standard Options:
  • #HM40 Nitro-Save® Humidity Control Monitor accurately, auto controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity% and Reduces Nitrogen Usage!
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Flow Meter and Continuous Bleeder Valve to Nitrogen Purge Desiccator
  • Acrylic ID Pockets & Camlocks

TDI bonding wire storage desiccator cabinets are also designed for in line nitrogen or clean dry air source.  This assures adequate gas pressures (PSI – source to cabinet) as well as adequate gas volume for continued humidity control operation of the desiccator.

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