#TDI MRM200H Micro Ruler – .122″W/10mm Range

Micro Rulers

High Precision Micro Rulers

Photo Etched scale. Very accurate for general, under microscope measuring. Not Engraved nor Certifiable or NIST Calibrated.

  • These unique micro rulers may be used directly under a microscope or magnifier.
  • Speedy measuring of small parts, grooves, slots, line widths, holes, chamfers, etc.
  • High precision fabricated from stainless steel.
  • Micro rulers are spot-welded to bendable shank (plated metal – magnetic)
  • Micro ruler blades are non-magnetic stainless steel.
  • Hexagonal shaped handles prevent these micro rulers from rolling off your workstation.
  • Handles are non-magnetic, gold anodized aluminum.
  • Each micro ruler is individually packaged in a plastic box.
  • Overall length: 83mm (3.25″)

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  • #TDI MRM200H Micro Ruler – .122″W/10mm Range

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  • #TDI MRM100H Micro Ruler – .220″W/5mm Range

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