#TDI 119-SA High Precision Swiss Tweezers Long, Thin w/Pointed Tips. Serrated Grips & Tips.

General Purpose Tweezers

High Precision General Purpose Tweezers

General purpose tweezers are designed with different lengths, thicknesses and angles for handling parts and components.  Ideal for circuit board repair/rework and microscope/microelectronics applications.

Anti-magnetic stainless steel general purpose tweezers offer precision tip symmetry and balance with good corrosion resistance to most chemicals and acids.  Tip edges are polished to provide a smooth, anti-glare finish and selected styles feature serrated tips and/or grips.

Standard Features:general-purpose-app-shot

  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic – “SA”
  • Low carbon austenitic steel
  • Precision fine tip symmetry and balance
  • Polished tip edges, and non-scratch, anti-glare finish.
  • Different lengths, thicknesses, and angles for a variety of applications.
  • Selected styles feature serrated tips and/or grips.
  • Good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts, and acids.
  • Lead-Free

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