#TDI GG-SA High Precision Swiss Tweezers Long & Tapered, Strong, Pointed Tips


General Purpose Tweezers with Long, Tapered Strong Pointed Tips

Overall Length (A):  5″
Tip Width (B): .020″
Tip Thickness (C): .028″


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Our metal tweezers are engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework. Fine tip metal tweezers are made of the highest quality materials and have tips that are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work. Edges are polished to provide a non-scratch anti-glare finish. To eliminate scratching, Teflon coating is also available upon request.

Standard Features:

  • General Purpose Tweezers
  • Long & Tapered, Strong Point Tips
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic “SA”
  • High Precision Fine Tip Balance & Symmetry
  • Polished Tip Edges are Non-Scratching with a No-Glare Finish
  • Low Carbon Austenitic Steel
  • Good Corrosion Resistance to Most Chemicals and Acids Too
  • Meets the EU regulation RoHS – 2002/95/EG

More Information:

Equivalent to These Part Numbers:

  • GG-SA
  • 758TW534
  • 72553

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