#TDI MMDS020B High Precision Bent Micro Mini Diamond Tip Scribe


Diamond Tip Scribe Standard Features:

  • Natural diamond tips with 60° angle.
  • Available in straight or bent diamond scribe tips.
  • Reduced shank size of .020″
  • Diamond mounting .032″ diameter / .005″ diamond tip radius.
  • Finger grip grooves for easy handling.
  • .250″ diameter anodized aluminum handle (non-magnetic).
  • Handle is non-rolling hexagon shape.
  • Overall length 4.75″
  • For scribing or marking.

Diamond tip scribe with a permanently mounted diamond tip are available with a .020 diameter straight or bent diamond tips on a light weight gold anodized handle.  All TDI diamond tip scribes have natural diamond tips with a 60° angle.

Designed for optimum scribing or marking of thin film circuits, micro-circuits, small circuit boards and to clean or trim circuits in microelectronic applications.  These diamond tip scribes have an overall length of 4.75″ and the handle is .250″ Diameter.

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