#TDI-00CFR-SA-I Precision Conductive “CF” Tweezers

Replaceable Tip Tweezers

Replaceable Tip Tweezers

Class 0 CDM Compliant Tweezers – Static Dissipative

  • “KD”® static dissipative ESD ceramic tweezers for high-temperature applications.  Alignable replacement tips.
  • “TD”® static dissipative ESD polymer tweezers for lower temperature applications.  Self-aligning replacement tips.

Fiber Tip Tweezers – Conductive

“CF” carbofib and “CP” PEEK tweezers are popular in standard ESD and general electronics assembly and lab applications.  The “CP” PEEK tweezers offer a higher temperature tolerance and are compatible with a wide range of acids and solvents.  Self-aligning replacement tips.