#TDI-5-SADVH High Precision Swiss Tweezers with ESD Cushion Grips


Very Fine Tips

Overall Length (A):  4-1/4″
Tip Width (B): .008″
Tip Thickness (C): .012″


TDI high precision fine tip anti-magnetic stainless steel tweezers are hand finished for precise alignment and balance with polished tips to provide a non-scratch anti-glare finish.  Engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic “SA”
  • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry and Balance
  • Polished Tip Edges Non-Scratch Anti-Glare Finish
  • Low Carbon Austenitic Steel
  • Good Corrosion Resistance to Most Chemicals & Acids
  • Vinyl comfort grips – “DVH”
  • Reduces stress and tension on fingers, while providing superior operator comfort when working continuously.
  • ESD safe static dissipative 109-1011 ohms/sq.
  • Lead-free

More Information:

Equivalent to These Part Numbers:

  • 5-SA-ET
  • 758TW087
  • 5-SA-ET-18168
  • 446-990
  • 96558

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