#TDI 4WFCPT High Precision Swiss “CP” PEEK Replacement Tips (Pair)


1 Pair “4WF” style replacement conductive “CP” tips

A: .480″
B: .419″
C: .060″
D: .140″
E: .180″

wafer tweezers dimension diagram

ESD safe conductive tips 103-105 Ohms/sq.

Temperature Resistance 260°C (Continuous Use) – 300°C

Wafer tweezers with replaceable tips offer the following features & benefits:

  • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry and Balance
  • ESD Safe Conductive Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Reinforce with Carbon Fiber Tips “CP”
  • Surface Resistivity 103-105 Ohms/sq.
  • High Heat Capability – 260°C (Continuous Use) – 300°C (Short Time)
  • Acetone / IPA resistant
  • Self Aligning Replacement High Precision Tips
  • Lead free

More Information:

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