#TDI 2WF-SA High Precision Swiss 2″ Wafer Handling Tweezers


Used for handling 2″ diameter wafers/substrates  Top fingers, stepped bottom paddle.

A: .256″
B: .354″
C: .157″
E: .098″


Wafer tweezers specially designed to handle silicon/ gallium arsenide wafers and ceramic/glass substrates.  These wafer handling tweezers include anti-magnetic stainless steel material; perfectly balanced symmetry and anti-glare polished tips for accurate positioning of wafers or substrates to avoid breaking thin materials. To eliminate scratching, Teflon coating is also available upon request.

Standard Features:

  • Top fingers, stepped bottom paddle.
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic – “SA”
  • Low Carbon Austenitic Steel
  • Precision Fine Tip Symmetry & Balance
  • Polished Tweezers Tip Edges Non-Scratching, Anti-Glare Finish
  • Good Corrosion Resistance to Most Chemicals & Acids
  • Meets the EU regulation RoHS – 2002/95/EG

More Information:

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