#TDI 71KDTL High Precision Swiss Static Dissipative “KD” Replacement Tips (1pr.)


Longer Tips (.173″) Replaces TDI 71KDT

Class 0 CDM Compliant.  Most Critical ESD Applications <50V ESD Threshold
Static Dissipative Zirconia Ceramic Tips “KD”®  (Pair)

Tip Width (B): .028″
Tip Thickness (C): .020″
Replaceable Tip Length (L): 1.138″

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  • Low Resistance Limit: 106 Ohm/high resistance limit: 108 Ohm at 50 and 100V
  • Low Resistance Limit: 107 Ohm/high resistance limit: 109 Ohm at 10V
  • Extreme High Temperature Resistance 1000°C 
  • Enhanced Break Strength and Surface Finish
  • Solder / Chemical / Solvent / Acid Resistant
  • Lead Free

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