“KD” Tweezers – Quality Assurance Class 0 CDM Test Procedures

“KD” Tweezers – Quality Assurance Class 0 CDM Test Procedures

  • TDI meets all of the criteria for ESD Testing, as proposed by IDEMA.
  • We perform all of these testing procedures internally, for example the especially critical “Transient Current Discharge” testing.





  • Resistance Between Tip Top and Bottom (Tip Without Handle)
  • Resistance Between Handle and One Tip at A Time
  • Surface Resistance 100% Inspection
  • Automatic PASS/FAIL Signal

Acceptance Limits:

  • Low Resistance Limit: 1 x 106 Ohm/high resistance limit: 1 x 108 Ohm for 50 and 100V
  • Low Resistance Limit: 1 x 107 Ohm/high resistance limit: 1 x 109 Ohm for 10V



The time to discharge a 20pf isolated metal plate previously charged to 1000 Volts to less than 10 Volts is measured. During the 1000 Volt discharge, sparks should not be observed. Significantly, the decay curves should have a correct exponential course. The acceptance limits defined as follows:

  • Residual Voltage < 3 Volt
  • Decay Time < 500 m/second





The purpose of this discharge test is to measure any residual charges on the tweezers following normal procedures as shown.  Given these points, the acceptance limits are defined as follows:

  • Residual Voltage < 3  Volt




kd-current-discharge copy

MR circuits utilized in Disk Drive Assemblies are highly static sensitive in both current and voltage ESD discharge environments.  TDI developed the “KD”® Ceramic Tweezers in order to provide the lowest discharge parameters, as measured by Transient Current Discharge procedures defined by the Disk Drive Industry.  TDI meets the critical Transient Current Discharge parameters for each Disk Drive Customer’s specifications.  The Direct Charged Device Model [DCDM] was chosen to as methodology in order to determine the transient peak current. This occurs during the discharge of a charged object through a dissipative tip tweezers.


Transient Current Determination Methodology Test Procedure
qa-class-0-8 qa-class-0-9


High Precision Static Dissipative “KD”® Ceramic Replaceable Tip Tweezers

TDI pioneered the “KD”® Static Dissipative Ceramic Tweezers for most critical ESD applications with excellent transient current discharge performance  < 40V ESD threshold, as a result  Class 0 CDM Compliant.

High Precision Ceramic tip tweezers provide the features of enhanced strength as well as a high surface finish ceramic tip material.  These tweezers feature alignable replacement tips, therefore saving you money as opposed to purchasing new tweezers.  The handles are made of the highest quality anti-magnetic stainless steel.  Considered an excellent choice for ultra high temperature applications as well as handling of sensitive ceramic and glass parts.  Especially in applications where nonmetallic scratching is critical.

For more information on ESD Standards please visit: ESD Association