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Visit Precision Hand Tools for a complete listing of tools including scissors, shears, pliers, diamond scribes, spatulas, probes & more!


Highest Quality
Specializing in the highest quality precision tweezers and electronics assembly hand tools as well as clean room & assembly equipment including desiccators, gloveboxes and chairs. TDI has been involved in the high tech electronics assembly industry for over 37 years. Our product lines are utilized in ESD, clean rooms, assembly, production, labs and ergonomic applications. 


ESD Safe
TDI offers the largest selection of ESD safe tweezers which meet ESD standards and has been an ESDA member since 1985.  TDI ESD Chairs meets EOS/ESD specification ANSI/ESD STM12.1-2013.  Reference ESD Association:


Static Dissipative Class 0 CDM Compliant Tweezers

Meets Class 0 CDM <50 Volt ESD Threshold Compliance.  

Certified by Dangelmayer Associates, LLC.

"KD" Ceramic Tweezers - "DK" PEEK Tweezers - "TD" Polymer Tweezers


TDI has been involved in the electronics, semiconductor, microwave, hybrids, medical device, military, fiber optics, disk drive and pharmaceuticals industries for over 35 years.


TDI is a proud corporate member of the following:


Utilized in a wide range of applications for these specific industries and in ESD, clean room, assembly and lab application.

  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Laser Device Assembly
  • Microwave Device Assembly
  • Circuit Die &  Electronic Package Assembly
  • Circuit Board Repair & Rework
  • Medical Device Assembly
  • Disk Drive Assembly