Chair & Stool Options

Chair & Stool Options

Chair & Stool options are not available on all types of chairs/stools.  For your convenience, our request for quote forms include compatible options only.

More Chair Information:

Chair Back Height Options:

standard-back copy


Standard Back w/Built in Lumbar
17"W x 12"H

High Back w/Built-in Lumbar
17"W x 16"H
(ERGO-FIT Feature - No Upcharge)

extra-high-back copy
Extra High Back w/Built-in Lumbar
19"W x 20"H


Chair Seat Size & Style Options:

Contour Seat - 19"W x 18"D
Short Contour Seat - 19"W x 16"D

waterfall-seat copy
Contour Seat w/Waterfall Edge - 19"W x 18"D
ERGO-FIT Feature - No Upcharge!


Adjustable Arm Options:

matching-vinyl-arms copy
Matching Vinyl Upholstered Arms
Available in ESD and Non-ESD

matching-fabric-arms copy
Matching Fabric Upholstered Arms
Available in Non-ESD

polyurethane-arms copy
Polyurethane Arms (TP9)


Assembly Chair/Stool Base Options:

28" Diameter Five Legged Polished Aluminum or Powder Coated Bases for Assembly Chairs & Stools
ESD & Cleanroom Chairs & Stools are only Available with Polished Aluminum Base
assembly-chair-base-options copy


ESD Safe Casters and Glides:

7 - Conductive Steel Dual Wheel Casters
7B - As Above with Brakes
For ESD Tile Only (Not for Concrete)

casaters-3inch-esd-caster62 - 3" Diameter Conductive Polyurethane Dual Wheel Casters
For Cleanroom/ESD Grated Floors, ESD Tile & Concrete

glider-g3-conductive copy
G3 - Conductive Chrome Bell Shaped Glides
For ESD Tile & Concrete


Non-ESD Casters and Glides:

casters-1-chrome copy
1 - Chrome Hooded Polyamide Dual Wheel Casters
1B - As Above with Brakes
For Tile

casters-2-black copy
2 - Black Hooded Polyamide Dual Wheel Casters
2B - As Above with Brakes
For Tile

glider-g4-chrome copy
G4 - Chrome Bell Shaped Nylon Bottom Glides
For Tile & Concrete

casters-9-chrome copy
9 - Chrome Hooded Polyurethane Dual Wheel Casters
9B - As Above with Brakes
For Tile & Concrete

casters-10-black copy
10 - Black Hooded Polyurethane Dual Wheel Casters
10B - As Above with Brakes
For Tile & Concrete

glider-g5-donut copy
G5 - Donut Shaped Black Nylon Glides
For Tile & Concrete


Safety Resistance Brakes for Casters:

TDI highly recommends the safety resistance brakes for all casters.  Casters with the brakes option are free-rolling when the operator is seated, and resistant rolling when the operator stands.  Brakes are standard on all ESD chairs and stools, no upcharge!


Color / Upholstery Choices:


fabric-blue copy
Blue Fabric

fabric-navy copy
Navy Fabric

fabric-gray copy
Gray Fabric

fabric-black copy
Black Fabric

Burgundy Fabric

Sand Fabric


esd-fabric-medium-blue copy
Medium Blue ESD Fabric

esd-fabric-navy copy
Navy ESD Fabric

esd-fabric-gray copy
Gray ESD Fabric

esd-fabric-charcoal copy
Charcoal ESD Fabric

Burgundy ESD Fabric

  VINYL:  RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 10% Isopropyl Alcohol / 90% Water Solution

vinyl-marine-blue copy
Marine Blue Vinyl

vinyl-royal-blue copy
Royal Blue Vinyl

vinyl-gray copy
Gray Vinyl

vinyl-black copy
Black Vinyl

Deep Burgundy Vinyl

Red Vinyl

White Vinyl


esd-vinyl-royal-blue copy
Royal Blue ESD Vinyl

esd-vinyl-black copy
Black ESD Vinyl