Cylinder Maintenance

Chair Cylinder Maintenance

General Maintenance: Clean and lubricate every 6 months.

  1. Raise seat to the highest position
  2. Wipe clean the old lubricant from exposed piston.
  3. If a cylinder cover or bellow is present, push the cover up to access piston.
  4. Apply a small amount of lubricant* to the exposed piston.
  5. Raise and lower seat and rotate to distribute lubricant onto piston.

*Lubricant should be a high grade clear synthetic grease.  All lubricants should be approved for specific controlled environments.


Trouble Shooting:


Problem 1:     Seat moves up or down very slowly when adjusting height.
Solution:        Clean and lubricate cylinder piston.

Problem 2:    Erratic or jerky motion when seat is moved up or down.
Solution:        Clean and lubricate cylinder piston.

Problem 3:    Seat height does not hold position.
Solution:        Replace cylinder piston.

Problem 4:    Seat does not raise up.
Solution:        Clean and lubricate cylinder piston.
If that does not solve this problem, replace cylinder piston.


TDI Chair Cylinder – Optional ESD Printed Circuit Board: