Ceramic Tweezer Tips – Alignable Replacement Tips Procedure

Ceramic Tweezer Tip Replacement – Alignable Tips Replacement Procedure

Easy tip replacement procedure for our high precision static dissipative black ceramic tip tweezers.  Ceramic tips must be precisely aligned. This procedure ensures perfect balance and symmetry for your fine tip ceramic tweezers.  In addition, replacement of these tips versus complete tweezers replacement has provided a cost of ownership reduction of 40%+.

Ceramic Tweezer Tip Replacement Instructions:

1.)  First, use a small screwdriver to remove the old tips.  Of course, if one tip is broken you can replace just one tip at a time.

2.) Next, use the screwdriver to assemble both tweezer tips loosely.  Do not tighten them until they are properly aligned per steps 3 and 4.

3.)  Vertical Ceramic Tweezer Tip Length Alignment:  With new tip(s) on the handles, hold your tweezers vertically with the tips on a solid surface (Figure 1).  Apply gentle downward pressure and firmly tighten the screw on the handle with the two oval holes.

4.)  Horizontal Ceramic Tweezer Tip Alignment:  Close the tweezer and hold the tips between your fingers (Figure 2).   Finally, firmly tighten the last screw on the handle with one oval and one round hole.

U.S. Patent #5899513

Ceramic Tweezer Tip Replacement

Recommended Torque Values for TDI Ceramic Replaceable Tip Tweezers
Ceramic Tweezer Tip Style SA-Tweezer Handles oz F .in
71 23
72 42
73 35
2A 42



Please note: these instructions are for ceramic tip tweezers only.  For fiber tip tweezers please use the Self Aligning Replacement Tweezer Tips procedure.

Static Dissipative Black Ceramic Tips
Standard Features:

  • Static Dissipative Zirconia Ceramic Tips – “KD”®
  •  < 40V ESD threshold Class 0 CDM
  • Excellent Transient Current Discharge Performance
  • Surface Resistivity 106 to 108 Ohms/sq. at 50V and 100V Threshold
  • Surface Resistivity 107 to 109 Ohm/sq. at 10V Threshold
  • Alignable Replacement Tips
  • Enhanced Break Strength and Surface Finish
  • Extreme High-Temperature Tip Resistance 1000°C
  • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry & Balance
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic Handles – “SA”
  • Solder, Chemical, Solvent & Acid Resistant
  • Lead free
Standard Features:

  • Insulative Zirconia Ceramic Tips – “MZ”
  • Surface Resistivity – 1 x 1012 Ohms/sq.
  • Extreme High-Temperature Resistance 1000°C
  • Non-Scratching
  • Alignable Replacement Tips
  • Stainless Anti-Magnetic Handles – “SA”
  • High Precision Fine Tip Symmetry and Balance
  • Solder and Chemical Resistant
  • Lead free