Stainless Desiccators RFQ – Table Top

Table Top Stainless Steel DesiccatorStainless Steel Nitrogen Box

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tempered Glass or SD Acrylic Doors with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Door Frames
  • Cabinet Wire Grounding for ESD Protection
  • Stainless Steel Backwall
  • Continuous Door Hinge for Maximum Support
  • Spring Loaded Latches for Air-Tight Door Seals

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Both tempered glass and static dissipative acrylic doors include stainless steel door frames.
Option to Purge Desiccator with Nitrogen (N2) or Clean Dry Air (CDA)*
The flowmeter allows control of the air flow, while the bleeder valve continuously relieves excess N2/CDA.
Removable, Perforated S/S Shelves Per Compartment*
Stainless steel, perforated for even gas distribution.

NEW! #NS16 Nitro-Save® Humidity Control Monitor

Solid State Sensor for Accurately Controlling Pre-Set RH
  • Accuracy: ±2% at 3-80%RH
  • Silent Operation - High Reliability - No Electro Mechanical Switches
  • Solenoid Control Valve & Internal Sensor System
  • Sensor System Activates Solenoid as N2/CDA Flow Required
  • Continuous In Line Nitrogen or Clean Dry Air Required.
  • Must Operate at 80 PSI (min) to 100 PSI (max) for Optimum Performance
  • Reduces Nitrogen Consumption to 90% (20%RH) in Many Applications

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