Conductive Silicone Rubber Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet: Conductive Silicone Rubber

General Notes:

Because of the silicon-oxide linkage, the properties of silicones have a wider temperature capability, improved water resistance, and better oxidative stability than polymers which depend on carbon.  The conductive silicone rubber vacuum cups have excellent characteristics for use in high temperature applications.  The electrical conductivity properties provide a low resistance path for sensitive ESD applications.  Limitations are that it is not resistant to strong alkalis and is attacked by halogenated solvents.

Common Name Filled Silicone Rubber Compound
Chemical Family Silicones

General Characteristics
 Durometer Range (Shore A)  45.0 – 55.0
 Tensile Range (P.S.I.)  776.0
 Elongation (Max. %)  351
 Modulus 100% (General P.S.I.)  162.0
 Tear Strength (P.P.I.)  85.0
 Resilience – Rebound  Good
 Abrasion Resistance  Good
 Tear Resistance  Good
 Solvent Resistance  Good
 Oil Resistance  Poor
 Low Temperature Usage  -55°C (-67°F)
 High Temperature Usage  to 230°C (446°F)
 Aging Weather – Sunlight  Excellent
 Color  Black
 Electrical Resistance (Ohms)  102-105