Delrin Small Parts Tips Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet:  Delrin (Anti-Static Copolymer)

Utilized for Delrin Small Parts Tips for Vacuum Pickup Tools

ESD Protection

This product is inherently static dissipative.  It does not rely on atmospheric phenomena (humidity) to activate, nor are surface treatments used to achieve dissipation.  Static electricity is dissipated through these products as readily as it is dissipated along the surface.

  • Contains no Carbon
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Good Chemical Resistance
Permanence Method
 Specific Gravity, gms/cc  1.33  D-792
 Water Absorption, %, 24hrs @ 23°C  2.0  D-570
Mechanical Method
 Impact Strength, Izod, Notched 1/8″, ft-lb/in  1.5  D-256
 Tensile Strength, psi 103  6.21  D-638
 Tensile Elongation, %  10  D-638
 Flexural Strength, psi x 103  6.0  D-790
 Flexural Modulus, psi x 103  190  D-790
Electrical Method
 Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm  109-1010  D-257
 Surface Resistivity, ohm/sq.  109-1010  D-257
 Static Decay
 Mil B-81705C, Seconds, Maximum  <2.0  FTMS-4046.1
Thermal Method
 Deflection Temp, °F @ 264 psi  225  D-648
 Operating Temperature, °F  180