“MZ” Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet: Advanced Ceramic Type “MZ”

General Notes:

  • Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)
  • A superior combination of high strength (from zirconia) and high hardness (from alumina)
  • Relatively low density
  • No open porosity
  • Very hard surface, good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Good flexural strength and fracture toughness
  • Excellent thermal properties and high temperature stability
  • Electrically insulating
  • Typical applications include soldering processes and handling of components during thermal and chemical processes. Generally used when very rigid tips are required.
Mechanical Properties
Flexural Modulus: 380 GPa
Flexural Strength: 500 MPa
Tensile Strength: 450 MPa
Fracture Toughness: 7.2 MPa.m1/2
Knoop Hardness: 1750 kg/mm2
Thermal Properties
Thermal Conductivity 26 W/m.K
Coef. of Lin. Therm Expansion: 8.0 E-6/°C 25-1000°C
Continuous Use Temperature: 1000°C 20’000 h
Shock Resistance,  Δ T: 325°C
Electrical Properties
Volume Resistivity: >1012 Ohm.cm
Other Properties
Density: 4.30 g/ccm
Open Porosity: 0.0%
Water Absorption: 0.0%
Color: White