SD Hose Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet:  Static Dissipative Vacuum Hose/Tubing

Typical Applications
  • Semiconductor Cleanrooms
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Retains full properties of the original polyurethane tubing and dissipates electrostatic charges without the use of migratory chemical additives.
  • Contains no conductive fillers that can cause inconsistent results and tubing brittleness.
  • Non-contaminating and no detectable out-gassing or particle emission.
  • Humidity independent.
  • Non-corrosive to electronic components.
General Characteristics
 Common Material Name  Polyurethane
 Chemical Family  Ether Based
 Low Temperature Usage  -40°F
 High Temperature Usage  to 165°F
 Durometer Range (Shore A)  85
 Vacuum Rating (Inches Hg.)  28
 Diameter Tolerances (Inches)  +/- .005
 Volume Resistance (Ohms)  109-1010
 Surface Resistance (Ohms)  109-1010
 Modulus 100% (General P.S.I.)  162.0
 Tear Strength (P.P.I.)  85.0
 Resilience – Rebound  Excellent
 Abrasion Resistance  Good
 Tear Resistance  Excellent
 Solvent Resistance  Good
 Oil Resistance  Good
 Aging Weather – Sunlight  Good
 Color  Gray