Replacing Gasket Material

Replacing Gasket Material – Desiccators & Gloveboxes

Desiccator cabinet and glove box doors and access panels.

With a sharp knife or razor blade carefully loosen and peel back the old gasket material. Be sure the old adhesive strip stays with the gasket material. Pull slowly and continue to scrape gently as needed. Do not use any solvents (including alcohol) to remove old material. Any adhesive left behind can be removed with a product called “210 Cleaner and Polish” from Sumner Labs (800-542-8656).

Wet the area and allow to soak, then rub off. Wash stripped area with water and allow to dry thoroughly. Place new gasket material on the surface and press gently being very careful not to stretch the material (especially at the corners). Be sure the starting edge and the finished edge are tightly fitted to avoid air leaks. Go back over the entire area and firmly press the gasket down to set in place.