VacuPik® Vacuum Pen

Operating Instructions for VacuPik® Pen

Vacuum Pen Portable

Portable Vacuum Pen

  1. To begin using your vacuum pen:
    1. Select a probe with a vacuum cup that is slightly smaller in diameter to the outline of the parts that you want to pick and place. Securely install it on the tapered end of the vacuum handle. Selecting a vacuum cup that is too large or too small will result in improper operation. (For help selecting a size give us a call at 520-799-800 or email us at
  2. To pick and place a part:
    1. Place index finger on vacuum button and push in, hold this position and gently place the vacuum cup on top of the part that you wish to pick up. Now release the button, the part should now be firmly grasped by the vacuum cup.
    2. Move the part to where you want it.
    3. To release the part, simply push the vacuum button in.
Vacuum Pen Specifications:
  • ESD Safe Portable Vacuum Pen – Static Dissipative Plastic Nozzle
  • Dimensions – Length = 5.75″ (146mm) / Diameter = .50″ (1.27mm)
  • Weight = .060 oz.
Parts to be handled must be flat and dry.  All TDI vacuum pickup tools ar for use with dry applications only.
pen-2 pen-3 pen-4

Available as a six piece kit each including the silver aluminum handle (Hg 2-4) and both bent and straight probes with black nitrile cups attached.  Self contained vacuum source with no need for hoses or batteries, with easy push button activation.  Vacuum pen body includes a pocket clip  and a convenient storage space for extra cups & probes.  Cups can be mounted on to probes or directly on to the tool itself.  ESD safe tool handle to tip resistance is 108-1011 Ohms.

All TDI Vacuum cups can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or water.

Hg=Approximate inches of mercury (Hg) depending on elevation and atmospheric pressure.