#TDI 06VCP ESD Safe VacuPik® Pen with 6 Probes/Cups Kit

Portable Vacuum Pickup Pens

TDI VacuPik® ESD Portable Vacuum Pickup Pens

TDI portable ESD safe VacuPik® vacuum pickup tools are designed for safe pickup of electronic components, flat parts and substrates during assembly, test, and rework processes.  These portable pick up tools utilize a powerful internal piston that allows safely grabbing, lifting and placing parts with finger-activated push-button.  No batteries or hoses required.

Standard Features:

  • ESD Safe-Handle to Tip Resistance 108-1011 Ohm
  • Self-Contained Vacuum  Source-No Batteries or Hoses Required
  • Easy Push-Button Operation
  • Static Dissipative, Non-Marking Nitrile Rubber Vacuum Cups
  • Nitrile Rubber Data Sheet
  • Bent or Straight Needles.
  • Cups can be Mounted on Probes or Directly onto the  Tool
  • Clean Cups with Isopropyl Alcohol or Water
  • All TDI Vacuum Pickup Tools are for use with dry applications only.  For Pick and Place applications only, not for use as a vacuum cleaner.

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