Disk Drive Tweezers

High Precision Static Dissipative Hand Tools for the Disk Drive Industry

TDI Exclusive!


Tools for Most Critical ESD Applications:

ESD Glossary of Terms

TDI developed the “JD” Static Dissipative Ceramic Tweezers to provide the features of enhanced strength and high surface finish ceramic tip material with excellent transient current discharge performance in handing slider / HGA / HSA components. Additionally, the “JD”® tweezers offer alignable replacement tips, which provide the lowest cost of ownership versus any other TDI Static Dissipative tweezers developed for the Disk Drive Industry.

TDI Developed the “PD”® Static Dissipative Polymer Tweezers to provide the features of a durable polymer tip material with excellent transient current discharge performance in handling slider / HGA / HSA components. The “PD”® tweezers also offer self-aligning replacement tips. Replacement of these tips versus complete tweezers replacement has provided a cost of ownership reduction of 40%+.

TDI is the exclusive world wide supplier of the highest quality static dissipative tweezers, replacement tips, scissors and media handling tools for the Disk Drive Industry, manufactured in Switzerland.

How You Benefit:

  • Substantial cost reduction of static dissipative tools with unique designs for replacement tips
  • The availability of replacement tips versus complete tweezer replacement provides an estimated cost reduction of 40%+.
  • Significant increase in disk drive manufacturing yields due to reduced ESD failure in handling of slider/HGA/HSA components.
  • Development of materials and testing procedures to meet both the contamination and ESD requirements of the disk drive industry.
  • ISO9002 Certification to assure disk drive industry specification compliance.
  • Capability for molding of all static dissipative polymer tweezers and tips internally.
  • Ability to extensively contamination test all polymer compounds to assure disk drive industry specification standards prior to approval release to mold production.
  • All static dissipative tweezers, tips and their shipping trays are subjected to final cleaning to assure surface contamination compliance for disk drive industry standards.
  • Static dissipative tools meet all of the criteria for ESD testing as proposed by IDEMA. All testing procedures are performed internally, including critical “Transient Current Discharge” testing.
  • TDI maintains an extensive inventory of these tools for prompt delivery to the disk drive industry, which are provided directly to the end user to assure the lowest cost for our customers.

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