Tweezer Materials Selection Guide – Ceramics

Tweezer Materials Selection Guide



“KD”® Static Dissipative Ceramic High Precision TweezersKD Ceramic Tweezers

“KD”® static dissipative ceramic tweezers are for the most critical ESD applications.  Less than 40V ESD threshold Class 0 CDM Compliant.

  • Low Resistance Limit: 106 Ohm/High Resistance Limit: 108 Ohm at 40 and 100V
  • Low Resistance Limit: 107 Ohm/High Resistance Limit: 109 Ohm at 10V

ESD safe static dissipative material.  A superior combination of high strength (from zirconia) and high hardness (from alumina).  No open porosity, very hard surface with good abrasion and wear resistance.  Excellent thermal properties and high temperature stability.  Extreme corrosion resistance, nearly chemically inert.  Typical applications include handling of EOS/ESD sensitive components and handling of components during thermal, chemical and soldering processes.  Generally used when very rigid tips are required.

“KD”® ceramic tweezers are extensively ESD tested including Transient Current Discharge analysis for Class 0 CDM compliance.

Material Data Sheet  |  Chemical Compatibility Chart