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History of ESD Safe Static Dissipative Tweezers

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Commencing in 1992, TDI pioneered the static dissipative tweezers in ceramic and polymer ESD tweezers for the disk drive industry.  Designed to meet the critical ESD requirements for their magnetoresistive (MR) read/rite head circuit assemblies, above all “peak transient current discharge” industry compliance.

As semiconductor and microwave devices have evolved with increasing circuit density (less than 90nm technology) and decreasing pad size, their ESD sensitivity thresholds are substantially reduced.

Moreover, TDI continues as the leading supplier of static dissipative tweezers and hand tools to the disk drive industry.  Continuing with periodic new designs, ESD performance, and testing advancements. In addition, these tweezers and tips meet the lowest ESD thresholds required in the latest enhanced MR heads, wafer and assembly processing.

Static dissipative class 0 tweezers with replaceable tips for most critical ESD applications provide excellent transient current discharge performance that meets less than 40VESD threshold Class 0 CDM Compliance.

TDI offers “KD”® static dissipative ESD ceramic tweezers for high-temperature applications as well as “TD”® static dissipative ESD polymer tweezers for lower temperature applications.  Equally important, these tweezers are excellent for handling sensitive ceramic and glass parts. Ideal for when non-metal tweezer tips are required, and scratching is a critical concern.

To meet these ESD critical parameters, class 0 CDM compliant tweezers and tips provide this same static dissipative performance technology as developed for the disk drive industry.  As a result, we are able to offer these tweezers for applications beyond the disk drive industry.

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